The 11th International

Management Information
Systems Conference

October 24-26, 2024
Konya Food and Agriculture University, Konya, TÜRKİYE

Prof. Dr. Erman COŞKUN

Prof. Dr. Erman COŞKUN

İzmir Bakircay University

Today, MIS and IS Education play an important role in digital transformation of organizations, countries, and individuals. However, IS education and educators face several challenges in the current environment, including fast-changing technologies, the reoccurrence of the digital divide, preparing students for the changes in the profession, updating the curriculum to integrate new and emerging ideas and 3rd and 4th platform technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain, and internet of things among others. The interdisciplinary nature of IS and MIS is creating significant challenges as well. Finding highly skilled faculty members, updating and standardizing curriculum based on fast-changing industry needs, accreditation of MIS departments, and adapting to the needs and expectations of Gen Z students are some of the other challenges to mention. Based on all these challenges, this track aims to provide a platform for MIS educators and researchers to exchange ideas, techniques, and applications for MIS education-related topics mentioned above. Submissions using information systems technology to advance education in other disciplines, especially in agriculture are also welcome. Topics of interest include but not limited to:

Pedagogical and curricular innovations in MIS education and their impact

Setting minimum standards for MIS programs in terms of curriculum & program outputs

Emerging technologies and education

Student engagement in IS education

Use of social media in IS education

Virtual and online  learning environments

Role of AI in MIS education

Gamification in education

Improving MIS Enrollment Quality

MIS Education in different domains and disciplines

Ethical and social issues related to IS education

Entrepreneurship and IS Education 

Quality Programs through Assessment and Accreditation

Curriculum standardization and accreditation related issues in MIS departments