The 11th International

Management Information
Systems Conference

October 24-26, 2024
Konya Food and Agriculture University, Konya, TÜRKİYE

Prof. Dr. Vahap TECİM

Prof. Dr. Vahap TECİM

Dokuz Eylul University

Industry 5.0 represents the next phase in the evolution of the industrial sector, building upon the technological advancements of Industry 4.0 but shifting the focus towards a more human-centric approach. While Industry 4.0 emphasized digitalization, automation, and efficiency through technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics, Industry 5.0 integrates the creativity, innovation, and craftsmanship of humans with the precision, efficiency, and capabilities of smart machines. The goal is to enhance the collaboration between humans and machines, leading to improved productivity, sustainability, and customization, while also addressing social and environmental challenges.

IoT is transforming everyday life and opening up new opportunities for innovation across numerous industries, making it a fundamental element of the digital transformation era. Its future promises even greater integration of the physical and digital worlds, leading to efficiencies, benefits, and capabilities we are just beginning to understand.

Industry 5.0 is not just a technological upgrade but a paradigm shift that seeks to balance productivity with purpose, efficiency with sustainability, and technology with humanity. It represents a vision of the future where technology serves to enhance human capabilities and quality of life, fostering a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable industrial ecosystem.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

·         Advancements in IoT Technologies

·         IoT in Smart Manufacturing:

·         Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions

·         Human-Centric Approaches in Industry 5.0

·         Sustainability and IoT

·         Emerging Trends in IoT and Industry 5.0

·         IoT Applications Across Industries

·         Innovations in IoT Technology

·         IoT Security and Privacy

·         IoT Data Management and Analytics

·         User Experience and Interaction with IoT

Future Trends in IoT