The 11th International

Management Information
Systems Conference

October 24-26, 2024
Konya Food and Agriculture University, Konya, TÜRKİYE

Prof. Dr. Alptekin ERKOLLAR

Prof. Dr. Alptekin ERKOLLAR

ETCOP Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, Austria

In today's dynamic digital age, businesses are embarking on a transformative journey driven by digital innovation. The ‘Digital Transformation: Strategies and Technologies’ track is designed to delve into this complex world of digital evolution, encompassing the strategies, technologies, and leadership models essential to navigating the digital age. This track provides insights into how digital tools and methodologies are reshaping business models, enhancing customer experiences, and driving paradigm shifts in organizational culture and operations, positioning it as a crucible for understanding and leveraging digital transformation in the modern business context.

The proposed track will focus on (but not be limited to) topics such as


1.       Digital Strategy and Leadership:

·         Developing and Implementing Digital Strategies

·         Leadership and Cultural Change for Digital Transformation

·         Measuring and Managing Transformation Progress

2.       Technology Adoption and Integration:

·         Adoption of Cloud Computing and Services

·         Integration of AI and Automation in Business Processes

·         Utilization of Mobile Technologies and Platforms

3.       Transformational Change Management:

·         Designing Effective Transformation Programs

·         Stakeholder Management and Communication

·         Managing Resistance and Promoting Acceptance

4.       Emerging Technologies (e.g., AI, IoT, Blockchain):

·         Use Cases and Best Practices

·         Risks and Challenges in Adoption

·         Synergies between Various Technologies

5.       Digital Customer Experience:

·         Developing Digital Touchpoints and Channels

·         Personalization and Customer Engagement

·         Analyzing Customer Behavior and Feedback

6.       Digital Workforce Transformation:

·         Developing Digital Skills and Training

·         Organizational Structure Adaptation

·         Remote Work and Collaborative Technologies

7.       Data-Driven Decision Making:

·         Use of Data Analytics and BI Tools

·         Data Strategies and Architectures

·         Data Privacy and Ethics

8.       Cybersecurity in Digital Transformation:

·         Security Strategies for Digital Systems

·         Risk Management and Compliance

·         Incident Response and Recovery Plans

9.       Ethical and Regulatory Considerations in Digital Transformation:

·         Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

·         Ethical Principles in Using Digital Technologies

Societal Impacts of Digital Transformation