The 11th International

Management Information
Systems Conference

October 24-26, 2024
Konya Food and Agriculture University, Konya, TÜRKİYE

Prof. Dr. Haldun AKPINAR

Prof. Dr. Haldun AKPINAR

Marmara University, Türkiye

Due to the main theme of the conference being Digital Agriculture, the expected papers will cover topics in the field of agriculture, including:


·         AI-supported various data collection techniques,

·         Machine learning techniques that can be used in decision making,

·         Robot technologies used or usable during planting/harvesting operations,

·         AI-supported simulation studies for agricultural decision support systems.


Additionally, as in in previous years, papers on the following listed topics or similar topics, especially those related to general AI, are anticipated.


Artificial Intelligence in Business Administration

·         Personalized Marketing: AI-driven approaches improve targeted advertising, customer segmentation, and campaign optimization,

  • Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets: Opportunities and risks,

·         AI-Powered chatbots for customer support and virtual personal assistants,

·         Emotion recognition for marketing and human resources,



Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

·         AI in healthcare,

·         AI in drug discovery,

·         AI in mental health,

·         Humanoid robots in elderly care,



Artificial Intelligence in Climate Change & Disasters


·         Solution systems in climate change and disasters,

·         Urban planning, transportation systems, energy consumption, and waste management in cities,

·         Disaster prediction systems,



Artificial Intelligence and Social Impacts

·         Ethical Implications of AI,

·         AI applications to address societal challenges,

·         Deepfake technology,

·         Social media analysis,

·         The impacts of AI on future working life,